Saturday, the last day of Cro A Porter, in the backstage you could have seen tired faces of models and other stuff members,  but I was full of energy, craving for more. Luckily I don’t have to wait long as next week is scheduled FASHION.HR      Yeeeey!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, to sum up CAP: Tina wore SOEL by Sonja Lamut, it was a winter collection as designer used a lot of wool to keep us warm this winter, you can be wrapped to the neck and still be well-dressed!


Tina’s look 1

Tina’s look 2

Matija Vuica

Matija’s runway closed CAP, she is a well-known and established Croatian designer who took this opportunity to make a detachment in her work. Up until now she used a lot of tulle, lace and glitter; as the matter of fact tons of them. But now, no. We have seen a new Matija, not so theatrical but calmer, lighter and more sophisticated, focused on dark  pastel shades. This was my first time wearing her collections and I am more than satisfied. I loved my outfit, the colours matched pretty well together.


The backstage photo of mine: remember how I said I was full of energy, happy, etc? I was indeed, however, this photo was taken while waiting for my turn on makeup, I spent a couple of hours waiting and meanwhile ended up lost in my thoughts.

Tina’s backstage photo: happy kiddo

photo credit:, zvonimir ferina photography,, anita bukljaš