Marina Design

My second time walking the runway for Croatian designer Marina Obradović. What I have to emphasize is that every time ( well, actually both of the times:)) I walked the runway, it felt so unladen, and Marina showed a playful, youthful and refreshing collection. Bravo!

My personal favourite look is the shirt with yellow tie, and I got the wear it! Yeey! And I love these belts around the waist, it looks pretty cool.



The whole collection:

The makeup and hair close up (though it is not me, but this model and I quite resemble each other)- photo by Jure Perišić for

Yelena H. by Jelena Holec

Thank you Anita for wonderful backstage pictures.

The hair was traditional on profile, mad scientist en face, and you can’t see it, but definitely alien looking at the top, which was the theme of this collection by Jelena.

Lovely lady Kasandra Draganić on the photo below is to blame for make up, and Zvonimir Ferina for the pictures.

Morana Krklec

Etna Maar


Oh, and not to forget, I gave them a nickname: Kliško (abbreviation of Marko and Kliškinić), although it resembles Kličko- famous fighter. Hope they don’t mind.😉

Photo credits:,,, Zvonimir Ferina, Anita Mamuza Borna Filić/PIXSELL