Hello! My very first post is out!

And it is better what I have ever hoped for. When I first thought of starting this blog, I would have never dreamed that we could go this far. We have no experience in photography whatsoever and yet this is the result! Bravo Tina!

I love it and I hoped you will enjoy it too.

I was not completely satisfied with this dress when it came from eBay so I took a needle in my hands.

Adjusting the sleeves to smaller size was easy but the front part was quite tricky.

These pictures in the snow aren’t perfect but they are quite good giving the: Winter. Snow. Cold.



The earrings are from Mia jewelry, with whom I previously had a collaboration with: https://tntstyle.wordpress.com/2014/09/18/macaron-collection-by-mia-jewelry-shooting/