I was charmed by Nebo’s collection. Beautiful, beautiful dresses, so effortlessly elegant and dashing.  So lovely, tenderly, girly and magically..Yes, magically. The title of the collection which is”The magic garden” describes it perfectly.

Next thing I adore is the whole look itself. The matching makeup and hair style. It couldn’t be done better. It is simple, yet adorable. I think I will remember this collection for a long time, so..- big thank you, Nebo!

Thanks to Anita Mamuza, great photographer and very nice person may I say, we have lots of backstage photos.She managed to capture spontaneous moments just before the show. Bravo, Anita!  Enjoy!

Photos are so beautifull, can not get enough of them🙂

I laughted so much when I saw this one, I was standing in the line, not aware of girls behind me, I would’ve joined them if I knew…

Since today is a Easter, happy Easter everyone! I leave you with a traditional pinza and cake, made by my mom and me🙂